Ophelia Flame is an internationally renowned instructor with 23 years experience in the art of the tease, making her the preeminent burlesque teacher of the Twin Cities. But experience isn't only what makes her an excellent teacher. It's her personal connection with students, her ability to communicate her attention to detail with student of all levels, and her passion for guiding people on a path of self discovery in the utmost fun and often, most ridiculous ways.

The first school of it's kind, THE TWIN CITIES BURLESQUE ACADEMY (formally Playful Peacock Academy) was founded by Ophelia Flame and her bosom buddy, Gina Louise. Ophelia and Gina have been performing together since 2003 and have been teaching burlesque workshops since 2005. Their belief that there’s a bit of showgirl is all of us is the drive behind their mission: to teach burlesque technique, performance, and history while encouraging self-expression and body confidence in a fun environment that is welcoming to students of all levels and backgrounds. The Academy also offers performance opportunities, bachelorette parties & special events.

Ophelia teaches a well rounded curriculum of classes at The Academy ranging from introductory to advanced and specialty workshops such as her wildly popular TEASERCISE and her acclaimed class that focuses on stage fright titled, "CALM THE %$# DOWN!" Miss Flame's specialties are strutting with intention, walking in heels and classic feather fan dances. She is also a life long practitioner of Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan tradition, benefits from three generations of yogic study and is a certified Vinyasa instructor through Corepower Yoga in Mpls. 

Ophelia has earned the honor of teaching at BURLYCON Seattle, the nation's premier conference for burlesque artists. She has also enjoyed sharing her love of burlesque teaching classes in Albuquerque. St louis, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Toronto and Helsinki Finland.




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